How to get an effective second opinion

Patients are often confused when exploring their treatment options. This is not surprising , because there are now so many choices ! When they are confused , they turn to their doctor for medical advice. Patients understand that doctors don’t have all t...

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Why don’t you ask your Doctor ?

I enjoy providing a free second opinion as an IVF expert . I find patients are often confused and need an expert to provide them with an unbiased, objective second opinion, so they know they are on the right track. However, I sometimes get frustrated when...

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A Doctor’s Advice To His New Patients

As a doctor, I see many hundreds of patients every week. I am very happy being a doctor, and nothing is more satisfying to me as a professional than to help a childless couple finally have the baby they have always wanted. However, when it comes to being ...

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Types of Miscarriages

Miscarriages might often send poor couples into a tizzy. This is because often, the reasons behind a miscarriage are not understood well by these patients. According to IVF experts only adequate knowledge regarding miscarriages can assist patients in prev...

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