Common mistakes that lead to IVF failure

Summary: Why did the IVF fail? Was it because of the doctor’s fault or was there something wrong in the procedure? Countless couples who have faced IVF failure are haunted with endless questions trying to figure out the reason for their loss.


Why does an IVF procedure fail? The most common cause of IVF failure is the lack of receptivity of the uterine lining or weakness in the embryo. Many doctors do not inform patients that the success rate for 1st cycle IVF treatment is 33%.

IVF failure is not only a heart breaking but it is also very discouraging besides the loss of a large amount of money. Being prepared and taking the necessary precautions for IVF success is important for every couple.

It is also essential to understand that a good doctor does not make promises. Every couple longs for the reassurance during the treatment that everything is going to be okay and they will walk out with a baby at the end of their treatment. But unfortunately this is not so and a patient needs to understand this.

It is only natural to try and find a logical reasoning to what might have gone wrong that could possibly the cause of the failure. In any medical procedure one can never be certain and pin point the exact cause of why things didn’t work out as expected.

Simple medical procedures can suddenly turn complicated and life threating due to the development of an unforeseen problem that unexpectedly occurred. Blaming the doctor or blaming yourself for the IVF failure is not worth the emotional torture.

Here is a list of precautionary measures that an IVF couples are supposed to follow to avoid IVF failure:

Smoking: Quit smoking and stay away from second hand smoke as well. This goes for both partners. Passive smoking can be as detrimental to your IVF treatment. Smoking can lead to miscarriage too.

Alcohol: No alcohol during the IVF treatment for both partners. Expecting mothers are supposed to stay of alcohol till they have weaned their baby. Consuming alcohol during the IVF treatment can lead to IVF failure.

Good diet: To ensure that your fertility is optimal during your IVF treatment you need to go on a strict health diet. Avoid all junk food.

Supplements: Vitamins and mineral supplements are good in general and will definitely have a good effect on your health as well as your fertility.

Exercise: Physical activity keeps your body fit and healthy. An active person has a better chance of IVF success than a lazy person.

Strenuous activity: In general women are advised to refrain from strenuous activity and lifting heavy weights. During your IVF treatment and especially after implantation you need to take it easy or you could end up having a miscarriage.

Travel: After implantation and during your pregnancy it is important to avoid travel as much as possible especially train rides and long road trips as these could be strenuous on the person and also lead to IVF failure.

IVF failure cannot be controlled, but by taking the necessary precaution you can reduce the risk of IVF failure to some extent. To some degree IVF success is in the hands of the couple. Do your part to ensure a happy pregnancy.

Can the IVF treatment fail due to the doctor’s mistake?

This is a very rare occurrence and is usually due to the inexperience of the embryologist. In a reputed fertility clinic they have renowned and highly experiences embryologist and hence the probability of an error is negligible.

Does hospital infrastructure and facilities make a difference to the IVF treatment?

Yes good medical equipment and hospital facilities increase your chances of IVF success.

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