Does masturbation cause infertility

Summary: Some men are worried that masturbation may cause them to become infertile. Will it deplete their sperm reserve or affect their sperm count? We look at what effect masturbation has on the sperm count and if it can cause infertility.


When it comes time for family planning and making their wife pregnant many fears arise in the minds of young men. Many young men visit doctors to enquire if masturbation will prevent them from being able to make their wife pregnant.

Masturbation has been termed as unhealthy and a shameful act among many families. Boys hear all about how it can hamper their future in numerous ways. However, none of these threats stop them until it comes time for marriage or pregnancy.

Sperm count and masturbation

While you may be expelling millions of sperm every time you masturbate, it will not reduce your sperm count. If you ejaculate 3 or 4 times a day, there is a high possibility of temporarily depleting your sperm reserve, but your body will replenish this reserve by producing new sperm within a day or two. The male body produces new sperm constantly. However, if you are planning a baby it is advisable to restrict masturbation. Having sex twice or thrice a week can help keep your sperm healthy and the sperm motility good.

Masturbation effects on sperm quality

Ejaculating sperm through manual stimulation (masturbation) or through sexual intercourse has no negative impact on the sperm health of a man. The myths about masturbation range from infertility to depleted sperm reserve. Some men have even been led to believe that masturbation with reduce the quality of their sperm. But there is no scientific evidence to prove it.

In fact it has been found that males who ejaculate at least 3 or 4 times a week had healthier sperm than others. This ejaculation could result from masturbation or through sexual intercourse. So while regular ejaculation is good, excessive ejaculation may temporarily reduce sperm quantity.

Infertility with masturbation

Masturbation has not been found in any way to cause infertility. Some men may experience temporary reduction in quantity due to excessive masturbation but that cannot be termed as infertility.

If you have been diagnosed as infertile you can be sure that masturbation had nothing to do with it. You could have been born infertile or it may be due to medication or certain medical treatment, sickness, bad habits such as smoking and alcohol. Excessive masturbation does not cause infertility unless you injure yourself in the act which may result in fertility issues.

If you are planning a baby it is preferable to avoid ejaculating for a few days before the fertility period of the woman to ensure that you are able to impregnate her with optimum quality and quantity of sperm.

Some FAQ’s

Will masturbation prevent me from making my wife pregnant?

No, masturbation does not affect your ability to impregnate your wife.

Does masturbation reduce sperm quality?

Excessive masturbation (3-4 times a day or more) may temporarily reduce sperm quantity but will not affect sperm quality.

Should I stop masturbating after I get married?

It is your personal choice and depends on the understanding you have with your spouse

Will masturbation affect my marriage?

If your wife does not approve, it is preferable to stop masturbating as it could affect your marriage

Will masturbation affect my sperm count?

Masturbation does not affect sperm count in anyway.

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