First IVF cycle always fails

Summary: It is most likely that the first IVF cycle will fail. There are many reasons for this and ignorance is the main cause.  Doctors do not prepare patients for the possibility of IVF Failure. Most patients are not aware of the low success rate for the 1st IVF cycle.


Doctors usually do not apprise patients that the success rate for the first IVF cycle is 40% for women who are under 35 years and 25% to 30 % for women older than 35. The fact that a very small percentage of couples experience success during their first cycle should prepare them for the eventuality that they may not be among the lucky few. Of course it is better to hope for the best, but prepare for the IVF failure with a plan B.

Among the couples who had IVF success in the first cycle most of them were in the younger age group of between 35 to 40 years.  Women over 40 have a much lower success rate. However, do not lose heart 70% of the couples have a successful IVF pregnancy by their 3rd IVF cycle.

The IVF treatment is quite long drawn out and involves a myriad of different medication, complications, conditions etc. It can be quite confusing and unnerving for a patient.

The IVF cycle usually fails for multiple reasons. These reasons could range from unsuitable uterus conditions to ignorance on the part of the patient. Many couple who go for IVF treatment are not aware of the precautions that they are expected to take and the dos and don’ts.

The thought that enters every couples mind after the failure is “why did the IVF fail?” Most of the time it is a culmination of reasons and one cannot pin point the blame on a particular condition. They say everyone learns from failure and an IVF couple definitely learns a lot from their IVF failure.

By the time a couple has to undergo the IVF cycle the 2nd or 3rd time they are well versed with the precautionary measures as well as what they can do to help make the conditions suitable for IVF success.  Many couples do research on what foods to eat and which food should be avoided.  They learn about the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol on fertility and the how it hampers IVF success.  By the end of it all we have a health conscious couple who are knowledgeable about many of the aspects of fertility treatment and IVF.

To a large extent a couple can do their part to ensure IVF success. This may involve many changes and alterations to your life style in general. Some research and study about healthy way of living and healthy diet, exercise etc. makes a huge difference to your fertility health and your IVF success.

Some FAQs

I am almost 35. What are my chances of IVF success?

For the first IVF cycle as per statistics you have a 40% chance of success. But it also depends largely on your infertility condition

What can I do to ensure IVF success?

Adopting a healthy life style and good diet are the first steps. You will have to consult with your doctors regarding precautionary measures.

After failure, what are my chances of IVF success during my 2nd IVF cycle?

You have a better likelihood of conceiving during your second cycle as you are now more relaxed and familiar with the procedure and regulations.

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