How to ensure you have a normal delivery

Description: Most expecting mothers hope for a normal delivery. As the date approaches they are anxious and some doctors use this opportunity to enforce a cesarean section. Make your own preparations to ensure a normal delivery.


Normal delivery is the desire of every couple when they are expecting a child. At the onset of the pregnancy your concerns may be more focused on ensuring that the baby is healthy and normal. Especially if this is your first pregnancy everything is very new and exciting.

Coming to terms with the fact that you are actually pregnant can take a while for it to actually sink in. Once the crucial first three months are up and the baby is beginning to develop and grow well as parents you need to start preparing for the delivery.

As the pregnancy progresses the mother’s body begins to undergo changes and prepare for the natural delivery process. However as the time for the delivery nears many doctors begin to hint at C section. They begin to list the various possibilities of complications that may arise during the delivery to justify their suggestions of a cesarean section.

No parent wants to risk the life of their unborn child or the health of the mother, and hence agree with the doctor’s advice for a cesarean delivery. This is quite misleading as many of these mothers were good to go for a normal delivery. Some hospitals misuse this option to increase the billing.

To ensure that you have a normal delivery a mother needs to start preparing from the start of her pregnancy. Consulting with your doctors as well as reading up on normal delivery tips is a good idea.

As a pregnant mother you must be unsure of what you should eat. Every mother wants to makes sure that her baby gets all the required nutrients. Ensure that your diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Foods that are rich in iron and calcium are especially recommended. Be regular with the supplements and medication prescribed by your doctor.

A proper diet is vital to having a normal delivery. Eating health foods and cutting back on junk food and cold drinks is advisable. Eating foods that are not good for your health is definitely not going to be good for your baby either. Diet consciousness is important.

Ensure that you drink plenty of water. Eight glasses of water a day is recommended for a normal healthy person. Being sufficiently hydrated will help your body to function well and will also help to keep you healthy and prepare for a normal delivery.

Remaining physically active throughout your pregnancy is very vital for a normal delivery. Most gynecologists and obstetricians advise patients to walk regularly especially as the delivery date approaches.

There are certain exercises that help with a normal delivery. The mother can begin practicing most of these from the second term itself. Some exercises like the pelvic muscle exercises and squatting are very helpful for easing the process of a normal delivery. Ensuring flexibility of the hips and pelvic region helps in an easier normal childbirth.

Another important factor for a normal delivery is to ensure that you maintain the required weight. Your gynecologist will advise you of the correct weight regulation criterion. Many families like to over feed the expecting mother resulting in excess weight gain. This can be an adverse factor when it comes to having a normal delivery.

Speak with your doctor at the beginning of your pregnancy and state your desire to have a normal delivery. A good doctor will advise you and help you prepare for the natural childbirth.

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