How to have a baby after vasectomy

Some men undergo vasectomy either due to family pressure or during a population control drive. The situation arises sometimes, that after vasectomy a man may decide he wants to have another child. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. This is brought about by a number of different reasons such as death of a child or major physical affliction of a child and the family would like a capable heir. In a country like India the reasons are numerous.

During the population drive many men undergo vasectomy. Sometimes they do not even know the consequences of this procedure until much later. Even after vasectomy a man’s body continues to produce sperm. The only difference is that this sperm is not being mixed and expelled in the ejaculate. There are several options in this kind of situation.

Reversal of the vasectomy

Quite often doctors suggest reversal of vasectomy. This will enable a man to become fertile once again and be able to impregnate his female partner. Reversal of vasectomy is a surgical procedure in which the tubes that were severed are once again reconnected. This allows the sperms which are produced in the testes to mix with the semen and come out with the ejaculate.

Sometimes clips are placed on the tubes to prevent the flow of sperms to the semen. This is known as a reversible vasectomy. By removing the clips the normal function of the sperms mixing with the semen is resumed and a man can make his partner pregnant naturally.

Sperm retrieval

Some men are not keen on undergoing vasectomy reversal and would rather opt for sperm retrieval.

Directly retrieving the sperms from the testes is another technique used by many fertility clinics. This procedure is used in cases where the male has a non-reversible vasectomy.

Getting pregnant

The sperms are retrieved from the male partner and injected into the uterus of the female partner in a procedure known as intra uterine insemination (IUI). This is a simple procedure and does not require any special skill or expertise to perform. A gynaecologist can even perform this procedure in the consultation room.

A pregnancy requires a healthy sperm and mature egg. If your body is producing healthy sperms even if the sperm is not being ejaculated, it can be retrieved and you can have a child through a fertility procedure.

Some FAQ’s

What are the options for my wife to become pregnant if I have surgical sperm retrieval?

Intra uterine insemination (IUI) is the most common treatment advised by doctors in such cases.

The IUI procedure has not worked for us after sperm retrieval, what is the next best option?

If the IUI procedure is not successful, it is advisable to try ICSI treatment which has a higher chance of success.

Is IVF advised after surgical sperm retrieval?

Sometimes a doctor may advise IVF procedure if there is a fertility problem with the female partner also.

Can I have a baby without undergoing vasectomy reversal?

Yes, the sperms can be retrieved surgically and your partner can conceive through IUI treatment or IVF (depending on the conditions)

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