How to have a healthy baby

Summary: A pregnant mother has a huge role to play in ensuring that her baby develops normally and is healthy. Following the essential rules will ensure that you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby.


Every parent dreams of having a healthy baby. Whether you have a natural pregnancy or an IVF pregnancy you can still take the necessary precautions. Having a healthy baby is in your hands to a large extent. 

Diet: The most essential factor for a healthy baby good nutrition. Your baby develops based on what you eat. Eat a nutritious healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean just eat everything that is good, but it means spending some time researching which foods are good for the development of the baby. Foods rich in folic acid, carotene and calcium are especially recommended

Exercise: Physical activity keeps your blood circulation pumping. Adequate supply of blood to the uterus is important. Regular exercise will help you to regulate your weight gain and maintain your stamina. Exercise is also a good stress buster from the nuances of life. 

Medical check-ups: Regular doctors’ visits during your pregnancy are important to ensure that your baby is doing well and growing into a healthy baby. Try not to miss your doctor’s appointment as a lack of monitoring the baby growth and development may lead to a delay in identifying if something goes wrong and needs immediate attention.

Prenatal Vitamins: Your doctor will prescribe prenatal vitamins for you to take during your pregnancy. As you baby grows and develops these vitamins may change or the dosage may vary. It is important that you take the prenatal vitamins as prescribed to ensure that you have a healthy baby.

Weight gain control: It is imperative that a pregnant mother regulate her weight gain. Over the course of your 9 month pregnancy you are supposed to gain between 9 to 12 kilograms of weight. Up to your 5th month you should not have gained more than 4 kilos. The last four months especially during the last trimester you will gain around 6 kilos. Weight yourself regularly and ensure that you do not exceed this as it could be bad for your baby if your gain too much weight.

Eliminate damaging element: Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks, sodas, junk food, processed foods and fast foods are better left out. All of these elements work towards affect the health and proper development of your baby.

Every mother’s instinct is to protect her baby and staying away from harmful and dangerous foods and things is the best way to keep your baby safe.

Hanging around in a positive and harmonious environment will help your baby’s development. Listen to music that makes you feel happy. Avoid being in violent environments or watching TV programs that invoke fear and unpleasantness. Developing in a tranquil environment ensures a healthy baby.

Some FAQ’s

Is yoga good for pregnancy?

If you have been practicing yoga earlier you may continue with exercises that does not cause any pressure to the abdominal area. If you have not done yoga earlier it is advisable not to start while you are pregnant.

What foods are good for pregnant mothers?

Fresh fruit & vegetables, dairy products, eggs and fish comprise of a wholesome and nutritious diet for a healthy baby. It is believed that eating fish will make your baby intelligent.

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