How to treat infertility naturally

Summary: Some people are not aware of the different things they can do to treat infertility without medical intervention. Usually the cause of infertility is minor and does not require any medical treatment. There are natural ways to deal with these problems.


Doctors suggest that if you have not been able to conceive naturally within a year of trying with frequent unprotected sex, then the chances of you having a natural pregnancy is minimal. Without much delay you should seek the help of a fertility consultant.

The most common fertility treatment is IVF. If you are not able to conceive due to poor egg quality and quantity, then you should look at ways to improve it. Our focus here is on how to treat infertility naturally this will include not just how to improve egg quality and quantity but also how to improve sperm quality.

Improve your lifestyle

A key aspect of infertility depends on diagnosing what is the cause of infertility. The most common issue found today is an unhealthy life style. Many folks do not think twice about what cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine is doing to their body.

Smoking has a very strong negative impact on female fertility and well as male fertility. It reduces the female egg quality and quantity. Cigarettes can also reduce the quality and quantity of the male sperm. The first course of action for any couple who is dealing with infertility issues is to stop smoking. Passive smoking or second hand smoke is equally detrimental and should be avoided at all costs. It takes 3 months for fresh sperm production. So you need to quit at least 3 to 4 months prior to trying to conceive.

Stress management

How to improve egg quality and quantity through stress management one may wonder. Stress is a very dangerous thing and can affect health in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine. Fertility is greatly affected by stress. The egg quality and quantity reduces. Stress also affects male fertility too. Men find that their sperm count reduces with high levels of stress.

Nutritious diet

A healthy diet is always a good idea for any kind of health issue. Futility healthy depends largely on what you eat. Consuming a nutritious diet that comprises of fresh fruit and vegetables is essential. Some foods in particular which are very good for improving egg quality and quantity are avocado, lentils and beans, Brazilian nuts, sesame seeds, berries, ginger, maca root, cinnamon and green leafy vegetables. It is also important to drink plenty of water to maintain a good constitution.

Health supplements

There are several fertility supplements that help to improve fertility health, though many of them are not really very effective. However taking general health supplements such as vitamins and minerals are beneficial to your all round health. Anti-oxidants with free radicals have been known to be quite helpful for fertility health. 


Some physical activity is great for improving your blood circulation and mobilising your internal organs. Exercise should also include some outdoor time. A walk in the park will give you a boost of oxygen intake.

Following the above practices to improve egg quality and quantity will definitely make a difference to your health. You need to follow this regime for at least 90 days before you can expect any prominent results.

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