Is it time to give up on IVF?

Many couple are keen to know how many times they should try IVF fertility treatment options before they decide to call it quits. There is no set number of times for this decision. Every couple has to decide for themselves when they feel it is time to give up. At times the doctor may advise you that the case is hopeless and suggest switching over to alternate options like donor egg/sperm/embryo or even surrogacy.

There are times when couples have conceived after 8 or 9 tries. The patient and doctor have worked together to improve the chances of conception through various lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as medication to improve the functioning of the reproductive organs. Hence one can never really be sure when success will come.

There was a case where a couple stopped fertility treatment after 4 years of multiple failed IVF cycles. They felt that they had had enough and it was just not working. The emotional and mental stress was taking control of their lives. After 3 years of no treatment, the desire for a baby began to nag them again and they decided to give IVF another shot. This time they got pregnant in the very first IVF cycle. This is not a standard rule that every couple who decides to try after a break will get IVF success. For every couple there are many factors involved, but the possibility always exists.

There are various factors that influence the decision to give up.

Mental fatigue: The act of making time and giving priority to the IVF treatment. Ensuring that you are in time for your appointment and putting other responsibilities of life aside can become quite taxing when you have been doing this for many months at a stretch or even years.

Physical fatigue: The physical effect can sometime be a little unpleasant on the body when you are undergoing the various procedures and treatments of IVF. This is the case with all medical treatment. It makes you feel like a guinea pig at times. Many couples feel that it is enough and just want to get off all the medication and procedures after a while of no success.

Cost: IVF treatment can put a strain on your finances. Some couples are spending all their savings on IVF treatment. Many couple take loans to cover the cost of the treatment. When they see no success they feel financially handicapped and not able to continue the treatment any longer.

However there are many hopeful couples who keep trying. They feel that the next IVF cycle will be successful. There are times when even the doctor is not sure, but their faith has led them to see success finally.

When should you stop IVF treatment?

This is a tough question to answer. Consult with your doctor and make a judgement based on the professional opinion of your doctor and your gut feeling.

Is it worth continuing IVF treatment after many IVF failures, if the doctor says there is a good chance of success?

It depends on how much you desire to have a baby. A doctor’s opinion is based on your medical condition.

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