Is IVF treatment expensive?

Infertility treatment in India is becoming very popular. Many couples have problems when it comes to having a child. Usually a couple who is advancing in age does not like to wait for a natural pregnancy if they have been unsuccessful for a year or two. However the greatest concern for many couples is the cost of the fertility treatment.

Many people search online to try and figure out what is the cost of IVF treatment. Rather than going to a fertility clinic and having to pay the consultation fees just to learn how much the procedure is, people just want to know the cost and then decide how they would like to proceed further.

So how do we address the big question “is IVF treatment expensive?” This is a very relative question and it varies based on what one would consider expensive. Couples who have faced repeated IVF failure are willing to pay any price to have a child. Those who have just discovered they are infertile but are still not fully convinced are not really ready to shell out much money.

In general IVF treatment at a good reputed fertility clinic with a reputation of good success rate will cost you approximately 1.5 lacs Indian Rupees. This cost varies based on the type of IVF treatment and the fertility clinic you get your treatment from.

If you are wondering why the cost of the treatment is so much then it would do you well to understand where the money goes. Doctor’s fee is a small part of the IVF treatment cost. The procedures and lab facilities add substantially to the cost of IVF treatment. What really bumps the IVF treatment cost up is the price of the medication. The hormone injection administered to patients for ovarian stimulation. Depending on the infertility condition and the treatment option there are other hormone injections and medication which cost a lot. Some of these medicines have a cheaper alternative but they are less effective and may cause a delay on the IVF treatment or also hamper the success of the fertility treatment.

Cheaper treatment options

There are some fertility clinics in India who will charge you half the cost but they will cut costs on medications using cheaper alternatives and also offer poorer facilities. Lots of people flock to these clinics due to the cheaper cost without understanding where the clinic is cutting corners. They are certainly not reducing their profit margins if that is what you thought. Lower costs always means a clinic is compromising on some sphere of the service, facilities or the medication.

How does this affect you? Medical treatment is not like having dinner at a poor quality restaurant, there are health risks associated. Poor medical infrastructure and cheaper less effective medication could result in the failure of the procedure. So while couples feel they got a good deal for the cost of the IVF treatment they also may end up with a failed IVF procedure. And finally they will end up paying more by going to a reputed IVF clinic with a good success rate.

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