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Medicover Fertility Clinic, Gurgaon

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Free UltrasoundAvailable
Phone+91 7291991719
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International PresenceYes
High Success RateYes
Location gurgaon

Medicover is Europe’s Leading Fertility Clinic

Now helping Indians with International Infertility Solutions


Overs the last few decades Medicover has assisted innumerable childless couples with infertility problems and made it possible for them to bring fruition to their desire for a baby. The joy of having your own child is incomparable to any other feeling in this world.

Medicover Fertility Gurgaon is strategically located in Sector 29 for ease of accessibility from all areas of the city.

What makes Medicover stand out?

There are countless fertility clinics, so why Medicover Fertility Gurgaon? What puts Medicover in a league of its own.

  • Success rate: At the end of the day every couple wants a positive outcome from their IVF treatment. Medicover performs a thorough assessment of the cause of infertility before proceeding with a solution. This has been instrumental giving a couple higher probability of success.
  • Latest techniques: There are new developments in the medical field every day. Medicover doctors are in touch with the latest procedures through their global presence and quest to staying abreast of technological advancements.
  • Best Doctors: Medicover has some of the top fertility doctors in India who have global medical experience and are renowned for their extemporary work in the field of assisted reproductive techniques.
  • Reasonable cost: The best service at an affordable rate. Medicover also offers patients the finance option, enabling them to pay for treatment through affordable EMIs. The discount offer during festive seasons is another way to curtail treatment cost.
  • International standards: Operating under international guidelines, ethics and medical practices, ensures that Medicover Fertility India delivers global standards of service. This is monitored by the central board in Europe.
  • Language advantage: Doctors and hospital staff communicate in the local language that you are comfortable with. This ensures that all patients remain in their comfort zone, are fully able to understand the IVF treatment and communicate their questions, apprehensions and discuss treatment options with ease.

Services Provided by Medicover

Medicover covers the whole range of fertility treatment services with state of the art facilities, well equipped labs, expert embryologist, and skilled doctors.

  • IVF: The most common and successful fertility treatment. All procedures related to In Vitro Fertilisation treatment including IUI, ICSI etc
  • Donor IVF: Poor quality egg or sperm is a major cause behind the inability to conceive. Medicover will arrange donor eggs or sperm or both from anonymous donors after matching the profile.
  • Surrogacy: In the rare case where the female partner is not able to carry the pregnancy a surrogate mother is arranged to carry the pregnancy to term and hand over the baby to the legal parents. Surrogate mother is arranged through the ART bank.
  • Fertility preservation: Preserving your eggs or sperm in externally for future use. Quality of eggs and sperms produced by the body deteriorates with ages and hence preservation helps couples plan for later pregnancies.

Medicover Fertility Gurgaon prides itself in utilising the most advanced technologies related to IVF which has helped struggling couples accomplish their desire for a baby. Led by a team of technically adept doctors Medicover holds the reputation of being one of the best in the world for not only their success rate but for the personalised care and outstanding facilities.

Medicover Fertility Gurgaon
409, Time Tower, MG Road
Gurgaon, Haryana – 122 002


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