Not able to conceive – what are your options?

Not able to conceive? This is now becoming a very common phenomenon among the current generation. Infertility is on the rise and there are so many IVF clinics and hospitals offering fertility services. This in itself makes it obvious that infertility is a problem that needs to be addressed.

So many couples face severe disappointment when they find out that that they are infertile. The fact that they will not be able to conceive naturally, takes a lot of getting used to. Coming to terms with this reality takes quite a toll on many couples. The emotional turmoil cannot be compared to anything else.

The thought of having to undergo assisted fertility is not a very welcomed thought. At times it takes couples many months after they find out that both or either of them is infertile to actually seek medical intervention for their fertility problem.

Visiting an IVF clinic is a very big step and many couples feel uncomfortable with it. It is just the desperation of having a baby or the mounting family pressure that actually propels them to take the step towards opening their minds to IVF.

In vitro fertilisation is now a very common term. Most people are aware that it has to do with fertility treatment. However, many people have various misconceptions about IVF treatment for fertility as well.

What are your options for fertility treatment?

There are many possibilities for couples who are not able to conceive. The fact that one is every six couples faces fertility issues, has led to the popularity of IVF treatment.

There is a variety of fertility treatment available for infertile couples. The fertility doctor will first have to diagnose the exact problem as to why you are not able to conceive naturally. There could be a variety of reasons. Maybe there is a blockage or the sperm count is low, or your female reproductive organs are not functioning correctly as they should due to some complexities.

Some of the different fertility treatments that are commonly available are:

  • Intra uterine insemination (IUI)
  • In vitro fertilisation (IVF)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Donor sperm/ donor egg
  • Donor embryo
  • Surrogacy

Adoption is considered the last option if the IVF procedure is not successful for repeated attempts. This is not a facility offered by IVF centres and one needs to contact an adoption agency.

The cost of each of the above treatment varies. Some are cheaper than others. If you can get pregnant with a simple procedure then why spend more money on a complicated one?

Is IVF used only for donor sperm?

One common misconception is that IVF is only for people who need donor sperm. IVF covers a multitude of different fertility treatments.

If the quality of my eggs is poor can I improve the quality by some remedy before IVF?

Yes you can improve the quality of eggs through improving your health and diet. Your doctor may also prescribe some medicines for improving egg quality.

Can we decide which type of fertility treatment we would like to take?

In most of the reputed specialised fertility hospitals you can discuss with your doctors what type of fertility treatment is recommended and if there is a choice. In small clinics the doctor decides and doesn’t discuss much about the treatment options with the patient.

Is IUI the right treatment for low sperm count?

Generally if it is just a matter of low sperm count but the quality of the sperm is healthy, the fertility doctor may recommend IUI. If there are other problems the treatment may vary.

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