Reduce IVF treatment cost with embryo freezing

Summary: Many couples are looking for ways to reduce IVF cost without compromising on the quality of treatment. With this technique you can help reduce the cost of repeated IVF treatment in case your first IVF cycle fails.


IVF cost is a concern since the treatment cannot exactly be termed as reasonable or affordable. To make matters worse IVF treatment cost is not even covered by health insurance companies. In India, as of now, not one medical insurance company has made any effort to include IVF cost within their medical insurance package. Unfortunately, most families have no option but to pay for the treatment from their savings or with family financial support.

Some couples take a bank loan to cover the huge IVF cost. What makes matters worse is when the IVF procedure fails and the couple are faced with the quandary of having to once again arrange the money for another round of IVF treatment.

The In Vitro Fertilisation treatment entails a number of different stages. We will look at the significant ones. The cost breakup depends on the different procedures and medication.

Ovary stimulation and egg retrieval

At the onset of the IVF treatment the female partner has to take a series of hormone injections to stimulate her ovaries. These hormone injections are given on a daily basis and the duration depends on the type of injection. The purpose of these hormone injections is to encourage the maximum quantity of oocyte to mature during the upcoming ovulation cycle. Normally some women may have 3 or 4 eggs that mature while some may even naturally have up to 6 or 8 mature eggs during ovulation. The hormone injections are given so as to not take any chances and enable the doctor to retrieve as many mature eggs as possible.

Fertilisation process

Once the oocytes are retrieved the male partner has to produce a sperm sample on the same day. The oocyte and the sperm are fertilised in the lab to produce embryos. Generally the embryologist fertilises 3 or 4 or more oocytes. The embryos are kept in an incubator for a few days under observation. The healthiest embryo is then selected and transferred to the uterus of the female partner.

IVF pregnancy

Within a week or 10 days the news of IVF pregnancy success or failure is confirmed. The couple who have a successful pregnancy are overjoyed. However, there are many couples who are not so fortunate and have to deal with the IVF treatment failure.

Dealing with IVF failure

IVF treatment can be very emotionally and physically taxing for the couple. Dealing with failure after all that they have gone thought is heart wrenching. The only option is to try again. The first thing that strikes them is the IVF cost. They just spent so much of money and now they have to pay once again for a second round of treatment.

When undergoing IVF treatment a couple does not prepare for failure. However, some forethought can help you save money in the long run. During your ovarian stimulation the doctor retrieves multiple oocytes. They keep what they need and discard the rest. You can request for some of your embryos to be frozen. Fertility preservation is now a common practice. In the unfortunate event that your first IVF cycle results in failure you have frozen embryos for a few more tries (just in case).

Embryo freezing will not only relieve you of having to undergo the ovarian stimulation again but will also help to save time and most importantly reduce the cost of your next round of IVF treatment. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce IVF cost.

In the happy event that your IVF treatment was a success in the first cycle itself, you can save the frozen embryo to have another child in the future.

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