Should you give up after failed IUI treatment?

IUI or intra uterine treatment has a very low success rate. Only 10% to 15% of the patients who undergo IUI treatment actually get pregnant. Many couples are not aware of this shocking figure when they decide to try IUI to help them conceive. So should you give up after failed IUI treatment? It is better to make an informed choice after learning more about fertility and conception than to make a rushed decision.

The reason most couples are eager to try IUI when the doctor suggests it is because it is an inexpensive treatment and it is a simple procedure as well. However cost and convenience do not always lead to success and we see that with the high rate of failed IUI treatments. This does not mean that you cannot get pregnant through IUI, but the probability is quite low. Some couples have successfully conceived with IUI treatment and are among the few successful cases. However, the rate of failure is higher, which many doctors do not disclose to patients.

Most couples are very disappointed when their IUI procedure fails. Sometimes they prefer to try again and some eager couples try many times with some hope of success at each next try. There are many reasons why the IUI process can fail and these are all medically related to the reproductive health of either partner.

Disappointment is the main reasons many couples give up when several IUI treatment attempts fail. Some couples feel that they are just not meant to have their own child. Some couples get so tired of trying and failing that the thought of not having success again, dissuades them from even wanting to make another attempt.

The dream of having their own child is the main driving force that encourages ‘want to be’ parents to keep hoping and trying one more time when they encounter failure. Since most gynaecologists suggest intra uterine insemination as the first option most patients are not aware of other treatment possibilities.

Sometimes the problem for not being able to conceive is due to low male sperm count. But the doctors convince patients that this is not an issue as the sperm is washed before the IUI procedure and this helps to improve the quality of the sperm. Another common statement used by doctors for IUI is that only one healthy sperm is required to get pregnant. However, this is not totally true and some doctors mislead patients in this area. If the quality of sperm is poor then the patient will not be able to conceive even through IUI.

Many gynaecologist wrongly promote IUI in situations where there is no possibility of the patient getting pregnant by it. The IUI treatment is being recommended by many doctors in instances where they are aware that the patient will not benefit from it.

Just because IUI treatment did not work it does not mean you cannot get pregnant. There are other options that you can consider like IVF. A couple should never give up trying for a baby. Miracles happen every day and some of them even the doctors cannot explain. A baby is a miracle of life and couples should explore every option available to make their baby dream a reality.

Should you give up after failed IUI treatment

If the doctor’s report states that you cannot conceive through IUI should you give up trying to conceive?

Just because you cannot conceive through IUI don’t give up. You can still conceive through other fertility methods.

Is failed IUI treatment due to the incompetency of the doctor?

If your IUI treatment has failed it has nothing to do with the ability of the doctor. The doctor is not at to blame for the failure.

Why doctors recommend IUI for couples who cannot conceive?

It is a low cost treatment and an uncomplicated procedure which can be performed by any gynaecologist. Even though the success rate is low, few patients have been able to successfully conceive.


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