Some effective tips for a normal delivery

Description: Preparing for a normal delivery from the start of your pregnancy can increase your chances of having a natural childbirth. Get your doctor’s advice on how to prepare for a natural childbirth, but also follows some tips from experienced mothers.


Every pregnant mother hopes to have a normal delivery. Throughout their pregnancy they imagine a natural childbirth. However, when the delivery time comes the situation is a little different. The expecting parents may be faced with some challenging decisions to make.

At the last moment many doctors suddenly declare that the mother needs to be rushed for surgery. This is becoming a common practice among the medical industry to increase billing. However for parents it is difficult to decide at such short notice. They are not willing to jeopardise the mother or the baby’s health and consent to the operation.

It is important to choose a doctor who is reputed and one with whom you feel comfortable through your pregnancy. If at any time during your pregnancy you feel that you do not totally agree with the doctor’s advice, it is better to seek alternate opinion.

Building a relationship with your doctors during the 9 months of consultation is a matter of trust. It reassures you that your doctor cares and you take their advice as the best recommendation. Discuss with your doctor about preparing for a normal delivery and the steps that your follow.

Some effective tips for a normal delivery

Some effective tips that will help you prepare for an easy natural childbirth are:

Weight gain:  A mother needs to ensure that she does not gain to much excess weight. Some families tend to over feed the pregnant mother causing her to put on excess weight. Eating too much does not really benefit the baby much. If the baby is too big you may have to opt for a cesarean section.

Diet: A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetable is a good idea. Eliminate deep fried and unhealthy food and stick to a nutritious diet that is rich in nutrients. This also helps to build muscle strength which is useful during a normal delivery.

Water: Consuming a minimum of 2 litres of water a day is recommended for every person. Most people do not adhere to this in general. While pregnant it is advisable to stay well hydrated as this is believed to help with a normal delivery as well.

Exercise: An expectant mother needs to engage in a certain amount of physical activity to remain healthy. Exercises that focus on strengthen the pelvic muscles and the hips areas are advisable. A normal delivery is quite strenuous and the mother needs to prepare for it.

Breathing: Practicing your breathing especially as the due date approaches is very important. Getting your partner to help you with the breathing techniques will help you when you are in the delivery room.

The last month of pregnancy is quite uncomfortable and the expecting mother is eager for the baby to come out. Waiting is a matter of great patience and discomfort but for the baby’s sake and yours, bear it for a few days.

For a natural childbirth you need to wait full term for giving birth. When the baby is ready and the head is engaged it is only a matter of a few days before you will begin experiencing labour pain. Initially the contractions will be far apart. You do not need to rush to the hospital for your delivery immediately. Check with your when you need to go to the hospital after your contractions start.

The chances of a normal delivery are much higher if your wait for the contractions to get closer and the baby is ready to come in a short while.


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