The IVF scam

For most people what the doctors says is the ultimate truth and final diagnosis. When people go to a doctor they expect that the doctor will make a fair diagnosis and them the truth. Today infertility is becoming a major issue among many young couples. The pressure to conceive and have a child can get quite stressful at times.

The next step is to opt for fertility treatment. Many couples find the IVF clinic nearest to their home. Some people ask their known circle for recommendations. However, since fertility issue is still quite a taboo topics most people like to keep it quiet and not let on that they are undergoing IVF treatment. Many couples do not bother to check the quality of service at the IVF clinic they are visiting. The act of going there itself is a shameful one for them. Because of this they sometimes end up getting caught in the IVF scam practiced by so many small IVF clinic doctors.

Some IVF doctors are taking advantage of unsuspecting infertile couples and prescribing them more treatment than they require to get pregnant. Some couple have minor issues that can be resolved with medication or a minor procedure, but doctors are advising a full IVF procedure and frightening them to undergo the procedure soon as possible, as time may worsen their condition and reduce their chances of conceiving. These patients just give in and rush into the treatment without even getting any time to think about it. The fear of time delay escalating the problem is where some doctors are misusing their knowledge to make patients comply with whatever they say.

Another common lie to patients is about the success of the IVF cycle. Many patients who undergo IVF treatment under the hands of dishonest doctors are not aware that there is a 70% chance that the procedure may not be successful. Patients are not aware that there is only a 33% success rate on the first IVF cycle.

A patient went to another doctor for a second opinion after her IVF procedure failed. She wanted to know what could have been the reason for failure since both she and her husband were 30 years. The second doctor asked her to bring the photos of the embryo so that he could try and see where the possible cause of the problem was.

She asked the clinic for the embryo pictures and was told by her fertility doctor that they did not take any photos to protect the embryo from the harmful effects of the flash!

This is how many low grade fertility doctors take advantage of unsuspecting patients. The patient did not know that a flash is not used to take pictures of an embryo and that microscope stage illumination is all that is used.

All good clinics take pictures of embryos regularly to track its progress and keep a record of the treatment. This patient was told that her IVF cycle failed due to poor quality eggs. There is a small possibility that this might be the case, but because both partners are just 30 years old the likelihood of poor quality eggs is quite improbable. This is a common practice implored by many small IVF clinics where they try and pin the blame on the patient for the failure.

To avoid getting caught in the ongoing IVF scam it is advisable for couples to go to reputed Fertility Clinics. You may have to pay a little more but you will get your money’s worth in the way of quality of treatment as well as the doctor’s support and assurance.

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