The most common causes of ovulation disorder

Many women do not even realise that they are not ovulating. Some young women are even happy not to be inconvenienced with the whole hassle of having the menstrual cycle. Reality hits when it is time for family planning and they find out that they cannot conceive naturally.

While some women are quite nonchalant about the fact and quite comfortable with seeking assisted fertility solutions others are not comfortable with the thought of assisted fertility. Ovulation disorder is quite a common cause of infertility among women today. There are many reasons why the newer generation is so plagued with health concerns.

Today being healthy is a luxury. Very few people are able to live the disciplined life that is required to remain fit. The temptation to indulge in unhealthy things is irresistible. Most diseases and other problems including infertility are caused due to unhealthy choices that we make in life not just with food, but our lack of physical activity as well as irregular sleep patterns.

Some of the causes of ovulation disorder in females are:

Diabetes: It is not mandatory that all women suffering from diabetes will have an ovulation disorder. Women who suffer from diabetes are more likely to also suffer from a hormonal imbalance due to their insulin problem resulting in ovulation disorder.

Obesity: People who are overweight are prone to many health complications, and infertility is just one of them. Many obese women have found it difficult to conceive and also tend to have a problem with their hormones.

Excessive exercise: Everything is moderation is fine and in excess can be detrimental. Women who are fitness freaks and indulge in excessive exercise have a greater likelihood of a hormonal imbalance. This compulsion to workout could be due to anorexia or otherwise. A certain amount of exercise is recommended for everyone but too much of it can be causing your body harm.

Weight loss or too thin: Some women go on crash diets to lose weight. While losing weight to remain fit is a good idea, it needs to be carried out in a health conscious manner. Sudden weight loss can affect your hormones. Women who are too thin are usually unhealthy and this also affects their ovulation.

Psychological stress: Women who are subjected to intense mental and emotional turmoil do not have just a psychological problem but this affects them physically as well. Mental stress is largely responsible for infertility in many women and leads to other problems like hormonal imbalance and ovulation disorder.

Prescribed medication: A number of prescribed drugs especially antidepressants, oestrogen and progestin can have a negative impact on the hormones in the body and ovulation as well.

Ovulation disorder results in infertility but medicine can be taken to regulate hormones and help resume a normal ovulation cycle.

Some FAQ’s

Can I conceive without ovulating?

Yes with the help of medication you can have an IVF baby.

Can my ovulation disorder be cured?

With the help of hormone regulation medication your hormones, which is causing the ovulation disorder can be regulated. The cure depends on your individual condition and only your doctor can tell you for certain.

Can I conceive naturally with an ovulation disorder?

There is a slim possibility that with medication, and if your condition is minor, that you might be able to conceive naturally.

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