The Reason Behind Failed IUI Treatment


There are several reasons for IUI treatment failure and doctors need to pay more attention to the quality of sperm before recommending IUI. Poor sperm quality is a leading cause for IUI failure. A sperm analysis test can help to determine the quality of the sperm.


Most couples, who have been trying for a baby for a year or longer and have been unsuccessful, decide to seek medical help. This is of course the best course of action. The gynaecologist will run some tests to check the reproductive system of the woman. In most cases gynaecologist suggest IUI or intra uterine insemination treatment to assist and improve the chances of getting pregnant.


IUI is not expensive and most couples find it is worth trying this procedure to get pregnant. Patients are usually eager to try IUI as it is a low cost solution to solve their conception problem and help them have a baby. Doctors suggest this treatment even if the male has a low sperm count. The logic behind this is that it only takes one healthy sperm to fertilise the female egg.

The IUI procedure is simple and there are no complications involved. This makes the couple happy as most people prefer to undergo as little medical procedures as possible. IUI does not require any high degree of technical expertise and doctors are able to easily perform this treatment.

IUI treatment is a procedure where the sperm is directly injected into the uterus during the most fertile period of the woman’s reproductive cycle, also known as the ovulation period. In the natural method of conception the sperm has to find its way to the fallopian tubes in time for the egg release during ovulation. The sperm can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 12 hours to reach the mature egg for fertilisation. One must also be aware that many sperm die along the way.

Doctors suggest IUI treatment as this is a way to ensure that the sperm reaches the female egg at the correct time. The female egg has a window of 24 hours during which it can be fertilised. If the egg is not fertilised during this time frame then the couple must wait for the next ovulation cycle. A normal cycle is between 28 to 35 days.

Success Rate of IUI

IUI Success Rate

Success Rate of IUI

Commonly the IUI treatment is a failure and the couple do not get pregnant. This could be due to a number of reasons. What most doctors fail to inform their patients is that the success rate of IUI conception is only 10 – 15%. This means that your chance of finding success with IUI treatment for getting pregnant is quite low. Doctors do not apprise patients about the probability of failure of IUI treatment before the procedure and due to this most couples are very hopeful of getting pregnant and the failure of the IUI treatment is a great disappointment.

The couple wonders about the failed IUI treatment and why this seeming simple procedure did not work. Some couples try it again and again as they are quite eager to have a baby. After several failures they either blame the doctor or feel that it is not possible to conceive and give up their hope. Some couples decide to try with other doctors. The low cost of IUI treatment is the reason couples are willing to try this procedure over and over again hoping for success without being aware that it has a very low success rate.

Why do doctors advise IUI treatment?

The reason gynaecologists advise IUI treatment for couples who are not able to get pregnant after trying for 1-2 years is because it is a simple procedure that can easily be performed on the patient.

Why do couples opt for IUI treatment?

IUI treatment is inexpensive. The low cost of the procedure is a factor that allows a couple to easily make up their mind to do the IUI treatment..

How many times can you undergo IUI?

There is no limit for the number of times you can try IUI.

What is rate of IUI failure?

In most cases IUI is not successful due to other medical reasons and state of the woman’s reproductive system.

Are there other options available after failed IUI treatment?

Yes there are many other fertility options that can be explored at various reputed fertility clinics.




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