The Symptoms of IVF failure

IVF failure is not uncommon. Almost 90% of the couples who have had IVF treatment have experienced at least one IVF failure during the course of their treatment.

IVF failure symptoms can help you determine if then embryo has implanted or not. After your IVF procedure the doctor will commonly advise you to wait for 2 weeks before a pregnancy test. This two weeks wait commonly referred to as 2ww, is one of the most exciting as well as fearful waiting periods. This is probably the only period in your life when the days inch along.

The IVF pregnancy symptoms show up long before the 2 weeks is over. If you are consciously aware of these symptoms then you can know the outcome of the IVF procedure even before the doctor tells you. It helps you to be mentally prepared for the news confirmation.

While there are many pregnancy symptoms, there are basically no specific failed IVF cycle symptoms. During the 2ww when you are already so tense and consciously aware of everything that is happening in your body. But you will find that most of these things are regular occurrences that you never really paid much attention to earlier.

There is one very clear symptom that might show up a little before your next doctor’s appointment and the pregnancy test. This is your menstrual period. This is the most common IVF failure symptom. Getting your period during this two weeks wait is the surest way to know that you are not pregnant. This can be a very disheartening realisation.

However, do not confuse any bleeding with a menstrual period. If you begin spotting, this could also be implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding could be a dark brownish colour or even a light pink colour. It does look a little different from your regular menstrual period. Many women confuse implantation bleeding with their period and as one of the IVF failure symptoms.

Not all women get implantation bleeding. In fact only 30% of the women suffer from implantation bleeding. Early pregnancy symptoms are a good way to confirm if you are pregnant. However if you do not have these symptoms, it is preferable not to assume IVF failure. If you do not have pregnancy symptom before the pregnancy test it is not a definite IVF failure symptom.

There are times when you can suffer implantation failure. The implantation failure symptoms are similar to the IVF failure symptoms, which in most cases is the occurrence of a regular menstrual cycle.

Some FAQ’s

Q: What are the IVF failure symptoms? How I can know if the IVF procedure failed?

A: It is advisable to wait for the pregnancy test rather than jumping to conclusions earlier on in the pregnancy. There are no specific IVF failure symptoms.

Q: I had a bleeding for 2 days can this be implantation bleeding?

A: It is quite possible that your short bleeding was an implantation bleeding. However, only a pregnancy test will confirm the actual fact.

Q: It has been 2 weeks since my IVF procedure and I have had no pregnancy symptoms. Could this mean my IVF failed?

A: Not all women get pregnancy symptoms so we cannot be certain that your IVF has failed. Wait for the pregnancy test confirmation.

Q: How do you know if IVF has failed?

A: If you get your monthly period your IVF has failed

Q: What are embryo implantation failure symptoms?

A: When you do not experience pregnancy symptoms it is most likely that the embryo has not implanted.

Q: What are the signs of embryo implantation failure?

A: The most definite way to check for embryo implantation is with a pregnancy test.

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