Tips to Ensure a Successful IUI

Summary: Some patients are not advised corrected about tips they can follow for a successful IUI procedure and quite often it is a lack of awareness that leads to IUI failure. Ignorance can be dangerous in such situations. Just a few tips can help you have a successful IUI.


There are many successful IUI tips which have helped couples to conceive. However, one must not go overboard with precautionary measure after the IUI treatment. Some women have gone to the extent of complete bed rest after the IUI procedure for 2 weeks till the next doctor’s appointment which will reveal the outcome of the IUI treatment. Total bed rest is not one of the successful IUI tips. Instead of helping, the lack of sufficient physical movement limits the blood flow in the body and may actually hamper the success of the IUI treatment.

Successful IUI tips

Successful IUI tips include eating a healthy and nutritious diet even prior to the treatment so as to prepare a healthy environment for the embryo to grow. Eat foods that are known to be good for fertility health like avocados. Among the other successful IUI tips are activates such as maintaining a regular schedule. One must ensure not to physically exerting yourself too much. Having sex regularly after the IUI procedure is recommended as this invokes the release of certain hormones which can help conception.

The “Don’ts” of IUI

Every procedure has its dos and don’ts and similarly for a successful IUI there are the things that you should avoid. The first and most important thing to avoid is stress. Getting anxious about the success of the IUI procedure is not going to help, instead it can have a negative impact. Smoking and alcohol are a definite ‘no’. Stay away from passive smoking environments too. Avoid eating unhealthy food like junk food, very spicy food and very rich and oily foods.

The secret to a successful IUI is to remain happy and positive and follow the instructions and precautions given by the doctor. It is quite obvious that every couple wants to have a successful IUI but following the doctors instructions are necessary especially if you are on hormone and other medications. Not taking your medicines on time or skipping a dosage can be detrimental to a successful IUI treatment.

Listen to what your doctor has to say carefully. If you have any doubts ask the doctor even if it may sound silly. Clarifications can help avert disaster. If your doctor does not give you any tips for successful IUI then you should ask if there is anything specific to your case that you need to be vary about.

Some FAQ’s

Q: Can I continue jogging after my IUI procedure?

A: It is preferable to avoid jogging for the first 2 weeks till the doctor confirms your pregnancy. After that it is advisable to check with your doctors regarding jogging.

Q: How will I know if my IUI is successful?

A: A pregnancy test after minimum 2 weeks is the best way.

Q: What kind of food should I eat after my IUI procedure?

A: Ensure you eat a variety of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. A daily intake of eggs and dairy products is also advisable.

Q: My husband smokes, is that bad for me after IUI?

A: Cigarette smoke is very harmful for your condition. It is advisable to not be in close proximity with him while he is smoking. Preferably move to another room, to avoid breathing the second hand smoke.

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