Want to be a mom?

When a girl gets married her intention is to be a mom. Infertility is a common problem, but no girl expects that she will fall victim to this horrendous condition. While almost 80% of the population have no fertility issues the remaining 20% are left wondering what they did wrong to suffer this fate.

Today there are hundreds of women who long to be mothers nut find that they are unable to conceive. Medical tests confirm that they are infertile or their partner has fertility issues. This revelation can be very depressing.

I want to be a mom”, is the heart cry of many women who are unable to conceive. A pain so deep and there is no relief.

The increase of infertility problems among the population has led to multiple fertility clinics offering IVF solutions. There is no dearth of treatment options for infertile couples. All the top ranking private hospitals in India have a section that is dedicated to dealing with fertility issues.

Hospitals that specialise only in infertility treatment are also very popular today. Many International brand names like Medicover Fertility and Bourne Hall now have a very strong presence in India. These clinics specialise in fertility treatment and have built their reputation by delivering good results and high success rates. Medicover now has a tag line which reads “Medicover baby born every 5 hours world wide”. This goes to prove just how successful they are in the IVF treatment. Bourne Hall is the pioneer in IVF treatment and was the first to deliver an IVF baby and prove the technique a success.

Multiple Indian Brands have also become very popular like Indra IVF. The only difference between the International and the domestic brands is the standards that they follow. While Medicover Fertility and Bourne Hall are governed by International standards and may charge a little more for it, domestic brands set their own standards and may compromise on facilities and infrastructure to curtail costs and provide cheaper treatment.

Many small private clinics also offer IVF treatment at very cheap rates. Some of these clinics have skilled and qualified doctors while others are just a ‘money making scams’. Couples who visit such clinics in the hope of saving cost usually end up spending more by having to undergo the IVF treatment again at another reputed fertility clinic.

Some FAQs

Can IVF help me to conceive?

Getting pregnant depends on your medical condition. However, IVF can help you to have a baby as it offers several options.

Which is the best Fertility Clinic?

There are a number of good fertility clinics and a couple has to decide for themselves where and which doctor they feel most comfortable with.

How much does IVF cost?

Generally you should be prepared to pay at least Rs 1.5 lacs to for IVF treatment at a reputed international quality Fertility Clinic.

How can I get a discount for IVF?

Some Fertility Clinics like Medicover fertility offer discounts during the festive season. Capitalising on these offers can help you save a lot of money.

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