What you can do for a Successful IUI

Another failed IUI? So many people are tired of continuous failed IUI treatments. It can be very frustrating for couples to have their IUI treatment fail over and over again. Some couples keep changing their doctor in the hope of a successful IUI. But that is not the solution. Selecting a good reputed fertility clinic is the first step to a successful IUI treatment.

Intra uterine insemination is the most highly recommended treatment for many conditions of male infertility. Men with a low sperm count are usually recommended IUI treatment to make ther female partner pregnant. Quite often low sperm count is accompanied by poor sperm quality. While IUI is effective for a low sperm count with good quality sperm, it is not really very suitable for conditions of poor sperm quality.

The IUI treatment entails injecting the sperms into the female uterus. The sperms then have to swim to the fallopian tubes and find the egg to fertilise. Sperms that are not active prefer to stay where they are and are highly unlikely to go looking for the female egg. Some men have low sperm motility, which means a very low percentage of sperms that can swim. Good sperm motility is essential for a successful IUI.

A semen analysis test gives detailed information regarding the sperms quality and quantity. Doctors can use a semen analysis test to determine the quality of the sperm and if IUI is the correct treatment. A man that has poor quality sperm should preferably try alternate treatment like ICSI. When the sperms are not active and do not have the ability to swim it becomes detrimental to a successful IUI treatment.

It is important for a female to be in good health to ensure a successful IUI treatment. The receptivity of the uterine lining is also important. The uterus health stems from overall health. Women who eat a healthy and nutritious diet have better fertility health. This helps to improve the chances of conception whether naturally or through IUI.

For a successful IUI treatment men have to ensure that they do not have poor quality sperms. Certain foods are recommended for men to improve the quality and quantity of the sperms. It is also advisable to avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine to improve sperm quality.

Sperm quality has a major impact in the success of the IUI treatment. The reason IUI fails so often is due to the poor quality of the sperm.

Some FAQ’s

Q: Is it advisable to try IUI treatment again after 3 consecutive failures?

A: If your semen analysis test shows that the quality of your sperm is good then you could try IUI again.

Q: I have a very low sperm count and sometimes no sperm in my semen. What can we do have a baby?

A: A healthy lifestyle with nutritious food for 3 or 4 months will help to improve sperm production. IUI is a recommended treatment after a semen analysis test to ensure that your sperm is of the required quality.

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