Why India offers cheaper fertility treatment?


How is fertility treatment cheaper in India than compared to the rest of the world? Many people wonder how this is possible. Is the treatment inferior? In general, medical treatment in India is cheaper. There are several reasons for this:

Skilled and qualified doctors

India has a vast number of highly skilled and qualified doctors. Indian doctors are experts in their field and are popularly found all over the world. Due to the fact that there is no shortage of good doctors in India the charges are competitive. In India the doctor’s charges are lower in accordance with the country’s economy. Other countries due to higher cost of living and fewer qualified doctors allow certain liberties to them including being able to demand higher consultation fees. Patients feel obligated to pay due to lack of alternate options.

Simpler procedures

Many countries are switching over to automation processes to reduce cost of manpower. However these machines are expensive and while it may reduce the operational cost, the cost of capital investment increases multi fold. India has a high population and people are happy to work for minimal wages – cheaper manpower and easily available. In India we are more manpower dependant and use less complicated procedure, these offer fewer risks and also offer more personalised attention to patients.

Cheaper facilities

Under the shadow of being a third world country India has many advantages when it comes to cost. Many facilities and services that would cost a huge price elsewhere are quite cheap in India. The low cost of facilities enables the cost of medical treatment to remain within an affordable range.

Lower accommodation charges

For those living in India the cost of accommodation may not feel you may not feel that you are getting comfortable accommodation at a reasonable rate. However, when we compare the rates with international ones you will find that you are getting a really good deal. In India many people are able to afford private rooms in hospitals and not feel the pinch.

Cost of assisting Hospital staff

India is a land with a huge population and cheap manpower services. Hospitals are able to afford a large number of staff at nominal salaries. This enables them to provide services at a lower cost.

Cost of medicines

There are many medicines that are manufactured locally in India. The Indian government allows special subsidies and tax rebates to pharmaceutical companies. This is to enable them to keep cost down and make medicines affordable to the general Indian public. When it comes to the medication required for IVF treatment if they are not imported they can be acquired reasonably as compared to other countries. Medicines that are manufactured in India are available at much lower costs

Being able to leverage the cheaper cost of facilities and staff most clinics in India are able to offers cheaper fertility treatment. At the end of the day a patient pays for the cost of accommodation, the facilities the medicines and the doctors’ fees.

The lower cost of services and manpower enables Indian fertility clinics to provide cheaper treatment.

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